Gizm500bookonscreen.svgodynamics came about as the result of a short introduction to WordPress at a local community centre. By short I mean about two hours. I was already thinking about setting up a blog but was undecided what technology to use. I had tried several CMSs including WordPress but was still wavering. The course settled it and here I am. During the course I noticed that the Gizmodynamics domain was available, it would be  crying shame to waste it. So that’s where I am.

The site will carry a random selection of thoughts that wander across what I like to think of as my mind. A while back I wrote a ‘science’ article for Paul Brazier’s magazine Nexus. It was used on the publicity flyer but that’s as far as the magazine got. But it was my first professional sale! I had a few more articles in mind and some might appear here. Who knows? There will be blogging.